I love the writers strike. I’ll say up front, I hope the greedy executives play fair with the creative genius writers who make TV and movies possible. That said, any greedy executive who wants to pay me a little less than WGA members make to “consult on scripts”–send an email and I’ll give you my agent’s number.
But with series TV spluttering into oblivion via repeats and repeats of repeats, I’ve discovered new diversions. Like conversation with my husband and daughters. Well, okay, that’s a stretch, my kids have homework and intensely active IM social lives. But I have discovered BBC-A, and several excellent shows.
Most notable is Torchwood. It’s cool and hokey, odd and exciting, racy and decidedly un-Hollywood and compulsively watchable all at the same time. Take Captain Jack. Is he gay, or bi? Who cares, he’s gorgeous. What’s the deal with him and Gwen, and him and office boy? And what about his murky past, anyway; how is it he can’t be killed?
I’ll keep showing up, week after week, to find out the answers to these questions. Even if the strike ever ends and there are new episodes on regular TV. Few American shows can beat British shows for plot and character development, anyway.

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