Nothing in this post is intended to diagnose or treat disease. I am not a medical doctor and this blog contains personal opinions.

I have to make some sort of disclaimer because the FDA, which is a shill for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies, and so protects their profits rather than the health of the American people, might harass me.
Edgar Cayce recommended eating 3 almonds a day to prevent cancer. Given the extraordinary accuracy of his more than 14,000 documented readings–I keep almonds and almond butter on hand in my home. I hear that nuts in general are good for us: walnuts alleviate seasonal affective disorder.
In this vein, a friend of mine with a PhD in chemistry went to the National Diabetes Association’s annual conference and heard the bad news about corn syrup. The graph charting the rise in obesity since the mid 1970’s and the graph showing the increase in use of corn syrup in processed foods are exact matches. For me, the directive was clear: read the label and avoid corn syrup! High fructose corn syrup is likely to make us fat!
Now, there is a “food additive” called stevia powder which I use to sweeten my morning cup of tea. The FDA does not allow stevia to be called a sweetener because that might interfere with the huge profits of the companies that make Nutrasweet and Saccharine. Of course, the FDA must zealously protect the profits of those products, even though saccharine is said to cause cancer and aspartame is implicated in causing MS like disease.
Stevia powder comes from a shrubby herb in Paraguay, where it has been used for centuries by the Indians in Paraguay with no ill effects. It’s been tested in countries all around the world, with no ill effects. It’s used extensively in Japan. It’s been said to inhibit the formation of plaque on teeth. It’s worth taking a look at; it comes in packets and liquid form at a health food store or better grocery store.

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  1. I’m with you about the nuts & corn syrup. Thx for the info about Stevia. I’ll get it and add it to my daily routine.