Lately I am promoting my new novel FALLEN, mostly on the internet, with an emphasis on internet radio. The other day an old friend hosted me on his show New Perspectives, on At one point I quoted Ann Coulter.

All hell broke loose.
I happened to read her blog “The Sun Never Sets on the British Welfare System,” and I agreed with it. So I brought it up in the interview. I should have been talking about my novel FALLEN, of course. But of late I am deeply concerned about the state of the nation, and of the world.
We do not live in a democracy, here in the waning years of the United States. We live in a sponsorship duopoly, in which public service has been replaced by public relations, and both the Republicans and the Democrats are deeply financially beholden to monied international corporations that function as sovereign nation-states without accountability or oversight.
Self-congratulatory liberals–and I am becoming convinced that they are, as a group, the most self-satisfied, narcissistic, least-self-examining, most judgmental people in the world–like to brandish Obama as the great white hope, savior of mankind. Oops, I mean, the great Harvard-educated hope. Oh, am I still getting it wrong? What is it that makes them feel morally superior when they look at him?
But Noam Chomsky has called Obama a “creation of the financial institutions” and spoken out about how Obama was financed by banks like Goldman Sachs. He has rewarded them quite generously. For me, I am appalled that Obama put Monsanto’s stoolie Vilsack in such a powerful position as Secretary of Agriculture. Furthermore, the FDA Food Safety Division is now run by Monsanto’s executive Michael Taylor.
Obama’s gift to us all. How much money does he owe Monsanto? How generously did they donate to him to get him to hand over the American food supply to them?
Do people realize how many gifts Obama is giving Monsanto, terms of genetically modified foods/plants? How organic foods are severely compromised, as is our access to them and to vitamins and herbal supplements?
More and more evidence is leaking out about how dangerous GMO food is. I use the term “leaking out” because the media tries hard to keep us in the dark about this danger. Just as there has been a near total black-out about the true danger of radiation in Japan. See Gary Null’s recent work on this terrifying issue: that nuclear power is a huge, billion-dollar, fantastically dangerous scam.
The question about the public’s awareness of Monsanto controlling our food supply pales in comparison to another question: why don’t the self-satisfied liberals see that Obama is eviscerating the middle class?
The rich are rich and always take care of themselves. Obama likes the proletariat, at least in theory. (One friend claims that his education at Harvard was paid for by Brezhnev.) He was a member of the Communist party.
Obama claims to be trying to help the proletariat. He gives a good speech but he’s pretty ineffectual, terms of doing anything. It’s the middle class, and small businesses, that are suffering because of Obama’s “Take care of the rich and the proletariat, but mostly the rich” credo. Chomsky goes so far as to say “Obama is a man of absolutely no principles… For them (the popular constituency) he is doing absolutely nothing.”
Recently I heard one definition of fascism: the alignment of state and corporation. Hello, Obama’s alignment with Monsanto and Goldman Sachs!!
But I don’t like the Republicans any more than I like Obama. As far as I can see, they’re more honest in some ways. They don’t pretend to do more than protect the rich and suck up to multi-national corporations. But is that the best we can hope for: Democratic chicanery vs. cold Republican greed?
For the record: I am NOT an Ann Coulter fan. Many of her antics are egregious and deplorable. I just think she’s not always wrong. This notion sets me up for rebuke and scorn by Liberals, who are the new Inquisitors. That is, they feel completely justified in rebuking and scorning anyone who does not think exactly as they do on all matters. Anyone who is not liberal according to their brand of liberalism is a racist, right wing, conservative, nutjob–eg, a bad person.

There can be no dissent when liberals are around, because they have a monopoly on the truth. Also, they are morally superior to everyone else. The New York Times will tell you that for a fact, and everyone knows the Times is completely neutral and unbiased.
In my opinion, partisan politics has made fools of everyone. There must be a middle way, a third option, a third party who can redeem this country.
I agree with the Republicans that big government is bad government. I’d like to cut government spending and to knock the unions down to the place where we can afford to bring jobs back from overseas to the US. I want a strong military; I think too many liberals are seriously afflicted with the wish-fulfillment fantasy that “If we are tolerant of them, they will be tolerant of us.”
At the same time, I am pro-Choice. I am anti-Death penalty. I am pro Gay marriage. I am pro separation of church and state. I want evolution taught in school to my kids, not intelligent design.
Most of all, I am pro-small businesses. Small AMERICAN businesses. How do we strengthen and encourage them? Because my husband is a sculptor and he employs models, foundry workers, bronze finishers, shipping and moving companies, etc., so I see first-hand how a small business creates income for a lot of people.
But with both the Republicans and the Democrats fixated on the big, ruthless, amoral corporations, small businesses don’t have a chance. And we are all worse for it.
I am anti-big multinational corporations. They care only for their bottom line. They do not care for human life. Certainly Monsanto does not.
So where is the candidate who is fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and pro-small businesses?
I liked a lot of what Perry said in his announcement speech, but I am not going to vote for a religious zealot.
So I quoted Ann Coulter. As soon as the radio interview ended, some friends texted me. One friend, a great wit and great heart, has been giving me hell, telling me I am the only person he knows who quotes her. I texted back, “I sometimes quote Snoopy too.”
He emailed me a parody of a novel written by Snoopy. So darn funny. I guess you had to be there. A few nights later we were going to dinner. I texted him, “Ann C is coming. She heard you were her #1 fan and can’t wait to meet you.”
He texted back about a smartphone app for applying for foodstamps that she’d be interested in.
They probably already have the app in the UK. We won’t get it here in the US until Monsanto has thoroughly adulterated the food supply and we are all so sick that we take a daily regimen of Monsanto drugs to stay healthy.
What a great racket, right? Make people sick and then sell them the drugs to cure it. Endorsed by Obama. The savior.

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