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This is a fascinating and adventurous time to be an author. We are in the midst of the biggest shift in publishing since the invention of the Gutenberg Press. It’s the wild west of publishing right now, which is way cool for fast-writing, pathologically persistent, independent-minded, iconoclastic authors like me. The old “rules” and algorithms of legacy publishing are crumbling to dust–as they should.

The old gate-keeper mentality is withering, thank heaven. This revolution will benefit both authors and readers. ePublishing serves the demotic.

How boring is the old publishing way of being? Boring and pitiful.

I personally am sick of the anti-hero, “God is dead,” the post-modernist, ironic bent of it all. Most “literary” traditional publishing today is vomit-worthy, with boring plots, unlikeable protagonists, and a jaded sensibility that is supposed to be elite, educated, and intelligent.

Most popular publishing is worse.

Before I started Parvati Press, my indie publishing company, I worked with the incredibly good-natured and helpful people at Telemachus Press.

I recommend them highly. If you want to get published, and you have good ideas and a strong self-esteem, DO NOT wait for the old legacy publishers to give you their stamp of approval. Take a page from Walt Whitman’s career and publish yourself… with Telemachus.

So it was Telemachus that mentioned me to, and here’s the page. Telemachus is publicizing their author services. I’m promoting my books.

Go for it!



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