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Epistolary Fiction

Dear Readers,

I hope you have been enjoying the whimsical tale of Jean-Sven, Angelique, Mrs. Durand, the mysterious Cezanne, and “I.” This is an old form of novel, the novel in documents, usually letters, that is morphing into blog letters-posts.

If you would like to know how the story turns out, please email or leave a comment. I could be persuaded to finish a novella….

Until then, and most cordially yours–
Joy of reading–
Traci L. Slatton


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  1. Waiting… in epic anticipation for the story to proceed…so many questions left unanswered! Please continue.

  2. My HF, Traci: This “BLOG” must also, I feel, turn into a book. It is filled with pleasure? I like the possibility of the title: “The City of Chocolate.” Wish I were with you, and June is flying by like a shorefront whip of winds. This writing is reading luxury— for me. If this is what chocolate inspires, may you become its favorite mouth to feed. My own hunger for words becomes sated; my eagerness for the next entry persists. I suppose I am becoming an addict for the next installments, and if so, I shall need to find a support group. Ha! Enjoy all that this land of wonder is holding out to you to taste, smell, experience and celebrate. Bathe in the splendor of all that is magical there, and for me, it is a combination of the everyday experiences. My vicarious pleasure is grand! LOVE, Jan

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