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A blogpost I wrote for Escape Reality, Read Fiction blog was syndicated over to SUVUDU, which is a huge and very lively sci-fi site. Great news–more potential readers reached! The posting was “Why I Write Science Fiction.” Take a peek here on its original site or here on Suvudu.

Pebble in the Still Waters blog interviewed me, and I loved the list of canny, insightful questions, which caused me some delicious introspection.

Here are two of the questions:

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
Good question. Character development; plot points; diction; and suspense: keeping the stakes high.
Your dream destination on Earth?
Depends on the day. Sometimes it’s the Italian sea coast. Sometimes it’s Cape Cod. Sometimes Paris or Rome. 

Here is that interview.

Sprightly Book-Loving blog hosted my essay on “Getting to Know My Characters.” Here is that little article.

My Fiction Nook, which urges us to “escape to the pages of a book” (my favorite escape!) shined an author spotlight on me, and asked my about my characters. Here is that spotlight.

So many blogs, so much to enjoy!


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