New Yorker Factual Error
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Factual Error in The New Yorker: Is this how fake news starts?

Factual error in the New Yorker: I write this post not just for myself, but for all women whose ideas were misattributed to a man, and who were told to leave it be and not to rock the boat. My husband Sabin Howard is making a national memorial, the National Read more…

Sabin Howard and Traci Slatton
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Tender Loving Care for a Marriage

Tender Loving Care for a Marriage Sabin and I came to a dark and stormy place in our marriage. That diction belies the fresh and cutting pain of such a place and time. When we both returned to the marriage, we sought help in putting things back together. There are Read more…

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Returning to Source and Writing Again

Write again, they are telling me. You must write, Traci.  It’s the new theme: writing again. The past twelve months have been excruciating. I am struggling. It’s been a year of comings and goings from my life; intermittency like a suddenly thrown grenade blew up my peace of mind. It Read more…