Sabin Howard Interview: Dialogues on the Drawing Book 2
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Sabin Howard Interview: Dialogues on the Drawing Book 2

Sabin Howard Interview: Dialogues on the Drawing Book 2 is the second in a series of podcast/Youtube presentations.

My husband master sculptor Sabin Howard is working on a drawing book. This book will be entitled “Drawing: The Foundation of Art.” It’s really about the importance and value of drawing in the creation of art, and how drawing is a skill based on seeing.

This is an interesting interview, because it begins and ends with the personal, human viewpoint of the artist. In our first interview, Sabin discussed two elements in the making of art: the conceptual and the perceptual. In this dialogue, he explains the kind of art he is talking about: timeless art. He also talks about how he arrived at this kind of art, and mentions an awakening he experienced at the Medici Tombs in Florence when he was 14. He saw Michelangelo’s sculptures set into the architecture of the tomb and it elevated him.

Sabin relates the story of how he decided to become an artist. It happened one day, after he’d dropped out of college and was working in a woodworking shop in Philly. He spent a few days sweeping wood shavings and sanding wood and he realized that he wasn’t using his brain. He went to tell his boss that it wasn’t working out for him and he quit. He walked out of the shop and phoned his father–collect. When his dad picked up, Sabin said, “I’m going to go to art school.”

His dad asked, “How long is this going to last?” Then his dad hung up.

I don’t blame his dad, Sabin can be pretty frustrating. The irony is, of course, that art has lasted a lifetime–and since Sabin sculpts in clay and casts in bronze, his sculptures will last for millennia.

So take a listen or a look at the interview. And check out my podcast channel on iTunes, because the Dialogue will go live on it.

Listen here:
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Or watch on youtube:

Sabin Howard Dialogues

David Sklar’s song UNIVERSAL LOVE
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David Sklar’s song UNIVERSAL LOVE


So many people have asked me about the beautiful and compelling intro and outro music for my podcasts that I decided to play the song from which that music was taken. It’s called UNIVERSAL LOVE and it was written by David Sklar.
David Sklar is a performer and composer based in NYC. He has been writing and performing music his whole life. He’s been working hard on his new album entitled DREAMCHASER and he’s proud to say it’s finally completed.
David’s songwriting could best be described as very melody driven electro dance pop songs. He wrote UNIVERSAL LOVE for my bittersweet rom com novel THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE, back when it was a screenplay. I love this song and I think it fits my novel beautifully. It also speaks to a certain poignant, universal slice of life.
You can find David online at www.davidsklarmusic.com He also has a Youtube channel where you can see the music videos for some of his other wonderful songs like Take You By the Hand and The Troubadour.
Without further ado, here’s the song. Enjoy.
 You can go to this link to hear the song,  http://tracilslatton.com/davidsklaruniversallovepodcast.mp3
or go to my iTunes Podcast.






2 Podcasts and A Most Excellent Review of FALLEN

2 Podcasts and A Most Excellent Review of FALLEN

A tweet of special loveliness winged its way to me today:

@tracilslatton I apologize that it took me so long to review your novel, Fallen! Thank you for writing it. http://wp.me/p2qe77-1no 

I checked the link to emsun.org and the 5 star review of FALLEN is quite wonderful:

I read it no less than four times in the past two years. Finally, feeling very guilty, I knew I was going to not only finally review the book, but also purchase my own copy. Last week, I did so.
Fallen explores the grittier side of what could happen in a post-apocalyptic setting. Lives are clearly divided into Before and After, and survivors battle with the guilt as they can’t reconcile the two. 

Also, I have made two podcasts, one of me reading Chapter One of Fallen, and the other of me reading Chapter One of The Love of My (Other) Life. Right now they’re housed at archive.org; I have tried my luck at iTunes, we’ll see.