BookwormBrandee’s Review & Character Interview: Day 7 of the Blog Tour

BookwormBrandee’s Review & Character Interview: Day 7 of the Blog Tour


BookwormBrandee Bookworm Brandee really got THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE. After she talked to Brian and Tessa, Bookworm Brandee wrote, “Wow! This was such a fun read!”

Furthermore, she said, “I absolutely enjoyed The Love of My (Other) Life. I felt as though the author was trying to convey the message that we should make our choices and if they end up being mistakes, let them go and keep moving forward.” Yes, that is part of what I wanted to say in this story.

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Also, check out Bitten By Paranormal Romance, who gave THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE a 5 Alpha Howl and wrote: “Bottom Line: This is a great story, a bit of craziness at the beginning to drop you into the story and a bit of everything a good romance needs with an ending quite satisfying on many levels. 4+ Stars and to many people this will be a 5 Star novel because it will touch some more deeply than the light story on the surface.

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What worlds would you move to be with your soulmate? 

 Painter Tessa Barnum is struggling. Her husband left, she’s broke, about to be evicted and has made some serious missteps in her career. 

When scruffy Brian Tennyson explodes into her life, claiming to be from an alternate universe, Tessa thinks he’s a crazy vagabond – albeit one with mysterious and undeniable appeal. 

Then he informs her that in his world, they’re married.

Tessa’s universe is turned upside down as the truth of love and loss, victory and humiliation, and second chances comes back to her. She has to choose love over logic to reach that state of anticipation where miracles unfold. The secret to her own life was always in her heart.

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The Love of My (Other) Life by Traci L. Slatton

The Love of My (Other) Life

by Traci L. Slatton

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Rupert Sheldrake on THE SCIENCE DELUSION

Rupert Sheldrake on THE SCIENCE DELUSION

The FORTEAN TIMES did a report on radical British biologist RUPERT SHELDRAKE‘s new book, The Science Delusion (Deepak Chopra, 2012).

I profiled Rupert Sheldrake in my first book, Piercing Time & Space (ARE Press, 2005). His ideas are brilliant, unorthodox, iconoclastic. Sheldrake’s body of work on morphic resonance is–well, brilliant, unorthodox, and iconoclastic. It’s a way of looking at species as participating in a dynamic field of information that informs and includes all individual members of the species.

His work fascinates me because I started as a physics major at college and I respect science–but I ground myself in a paradigm that transcends the Newtonian, clockwork universe that still forms the backbone of ‘respectable’ science.

I trained as a healer and spent many years disciplining myself to a practice of meditation, so I have experienced, and continue to experience, phenomena that traditional western science can not tolerate nor acknowledge. There is an intellectual lineage for my experiences. Recently, people like Carl Jung, John Pierrakos, Wilhelm Reich, Ian Stevenson, and Brian Weiss contribute to the body of work in this paradigm that explores high sense perception and the immortality of the soul; the ancient lineage can be found in works like the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

But how do I reconcile my respect for western science–which works, and works well–with my knowing that there is more to reality?

Sheldrake’s work is one path to integration. He’s willing to investigate phenomena rather than simply dismiss them out of hand. And Rupert Sheldrake is a really smart man. I’ve seen him speak and he’s fascinating, both grounded and brilliant. He’s also suffered for his work: a crazed fan stabbed him in the leg. Science isn’t as easy path, especially the way Sheldrake follows it.

Check out the article here.

Rupert Sheldrake


Review: MIRACLES HAPPEN by Brian L. Weiss, MD and Amy E. Weiss, MSW

Review: MIRACLES HAPPEN by Brian L. Weiss, MD and Amy E. Weiss, MSW

Recently I met my beloved friend Gerda in Munich. Gerda is Bavarian; she and her husband Mark, a retired American army field officer, had offered to help me with research for the WW2 novel I’m working on.

Gerda is an extraordinary person: she’s present and conscious with an open heart. Always. I’ve been her friend for seventeen years and I’ve never seen her falter. Amazing. When she gives me advice, I follow it. Just before I got on the S-bahn heading to the airport, she gave me homework. She noted that it was, indeed, practicum to which she expected me to commit.

“Be soft and be happy, Traci,” she said, with her quirky smile. I engraved her words on my heart.

Her assignment goes to the core of an ache I carry with me. I’ve lived a life filled with karma both astoundingly fortunate and excruciatingly challenging. In the latter category fall attacks I’ve endured from intimates. Worse, the people who come after me, since they are close to me, know my vulnerabilities. They know how to twist everything to magnify my faults and to minimize my positive attributes. They know how to make it all my fault (whatever it is). The pattern is that they don’t take ownership of their own aggression.

This speaks to another of Gerda’s constant reminders to me: “Trust yourself, Traci. When people come after you, it’s their stuff.”

So it is with this personal liet-motif in mind that I read MIRACLES HAPPEN: The Transformational Power of Past-Life Memories. It’s a rich, beautiful book full of anecdotes about miraculous shifts in consciousness, shifts that deeply, profoundly, alter lives for the better. In concrete, practical, lasting ways.

The springboard for these shifts is past-life regression therapy. Dr. Weiss and his daughter Amy Weiss explain the process in lucid detail. They weave together the divers stories with gentle explication of spiritual learnings. Love is what matters. Our growth, our lessons, take infinite paths and forms, but the end point is the same: loving consciousness. We go through loss and humiliation and suffering, victory and grace and transformation, and we all get there, eventually. To a feeling-being-place informed by limitless love.

We are spiritual beings traveling in precious physical bodies, in companionship with our beloveds. The worldly obstacles and prizes on which we spend ourselves matter not at all, ultimately. They’re picayune when compared to the agency of the immortal soul. “Be soft and be happy,” indeed.

This book eases the ache. It helps me balance the immediacy of it all with the long view. The things that weigh on my heart wash out and leave behind the miracle of this heart, now, traveling through forever, finding beloveds along the way. This book leaves me grateful. I think it will ease the ache for anyone who reads it. We all carry our own ache.

I recommend the book softly and happily. It’s a spark of grace for anyone who opens to its light.

Miracles Happen Weiss
New Service at Telemachus Press: Spark eBooks for Authors

New Service at Telemachus Press: Spark eBooks for Authors

I had a great experience with Telemachus Press. For anyone who doesn’t know, Telemachus Press turns manuscripts into POD and eBooks. Authors keep all their rights and royalties. Telemachus does a great job; they care. In the brave new world of ePublishing and Print-On-Demand, with Amazon threatening B&N and traditional publishing houses afraid to publish, well, almost anything, Telemachus serves a vital need. More and more established authors are turning to Telemachus.

Today I am happy to announce that my friends at Telemachus Press now offer a streamlined ebook service at an affordable price. This economical service is called SPARK.

Telemachus Press quality at an affordable price. Spark could be your path to success as an author.