Cold Light

Emsun Review of COLD LIGHT
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Emsun Review of COLD LIGHT

A Review of Cold Light.

I love this review by thoughtful, energetic Jen Rothmeyer on the vibrant site:

Slatton did it once again. Halfway through the book, after I’d started and then blinked a mere one time, I realized that I’d forgotten to jot down notes as I’d gone along. Her writing style is unnaturally engrossing and very descriptive, leading me along and tugging me through the story.

Check it out here.


Reading Other People’s Blogs
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Reading Other People’s Blogs

I have a lovely friend Lori who keeps a blog. I subscribe to her blog via bloglovin, so her enchanting essays regularly land in my inbox. Her posts are richly textured and full of color, they’re sad and despairing and happy and reflective and sweet and charming and inspiring and courageous and heartfelt. I stop work to read them when they come in. I get a little buzz of expansive feeling-thought, rather like eating a sugary square of lush dark chocolate with hazelnuts when I know I shouldn’t.

Lori’s blogs keep me connected to her and her life and they bubble up emotions within me. People use Facebook for that, too, I guess, though I’m not a fan of that particular forum. I forget to go on Facebook for weeks at a time, and then when I do, I try to “like” everything and everyone on my timeline. That ought to tame the beast, right?

I read the blogs of strangers, too, when I come upon them after googling something. I’m looking for information and sometimes I get that. Other times it’s a voyeuristic peek into an unknown life, as if I were riding in a hot air balloon and was floating past, staring down at the scenery. Sometimes it’s both. During the writing of my novel COLD LIGHT, I needed details about a certain Canadian park, and I stumbled upon a family’s blog about their vacation to that park, complete with an extensive photo album. I will never meet that family, but I am grateful to them for recording their trip with such meticulous care. I like to get the details right when I’m building a world inside a story, and I need to get as exhaustively detailed a mental picture as possible to that end. Their chronicles helped me.

I suspect that a lot of authors keep blogs for the same reasons I do: one, to promote their books; two, to keep fresh content trickling into the vast, libidinous ocean of the Internet, where content is king; and three, to rant about life and thus exorcise demons. The urge to autobiography is hard to extinguish.

So, promotional things, like eBook sales: COLD LIGHT will be on sale for $1.99 from Feb 18 to Feb 27; THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR will be on sale for $.99 from Feb 10-18.

And check out this gorgeous oil painting: LIBERACI DAL MALE, by the outrageously talented Italian painter Roberto Ferri. Ferri’s work is insanely beautiful; he knows his way around a figure like no other painter alive right now. Sabin and I are both fans, and Sabin, who is perfectly fluent in Italian, has Skyped with Roberto. Roberto has graciously given permission for me to use LIBERACI DAL MALE as the cover for my novel BROKEN, the WW2 story on which I am currently working. The novel is wrestling me to the ground every day–if I see one more image of a Nazi atrocity, I will not be able to contain the tears–but this image helps. Other people’s work, in image and word, strengthens my own.


“Best of 2013” mentions for COLD LIGHT and FAR SHORE
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“Best of 2013” mentions for COLD LIGHT and FAR SHORE

This year, my novels have enjoyed being enjoyed.

COLD LIGHT made it to charming French book-lover Melliane’s list on the bilingual book review site Between Dreams and Reality: “My best books of 2013 – Mes meilleurs livres de 2013.” Find the list here.

Her review of Cold Light is here, and she writes, “This series is really a great discovery for me… The plot itself is well done, we follow Emma in her mission to find her daughter, and this is really fraught with obstacles of all kinds.”

If you prefer Version Originale, it’s here: “Cette série est vraiment une grande découverte pour moi. J’étais tombée amoureuse du premier tome et quand j’ai eu l’opportunité de lire le deuxième et troisième tome de cette trilogie, j’avoue que je n’ai pas hésité.”

On the ever popular Paromantasy site, the exuberant paranormal romance Guru Evelyn Amaro puts FAR SHORE on her best of 2013 list, writing that it is “An adult dystopian romance that is haunting, thrilling, and romantic. You will not be able to put it down!” Find the list here.

Both lists are very sweet for me because my novels are rubbing shoulders with some very well known, very well and widely published works of fiction, including bestsellers and novels made into film.

So what are you waiting for? Go here to buy these great books!


Between D&R

Crystal Book Reviews on COLD LIGHT
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Crystal Book Reviews on COLD LIGHT

The rather delightful Viviane Crystal enjoyed COLD LIGHT and wrote enthusiastically about it on her Crystal Book Reviews blog.

Here is one of my favorite passages:

Cold Light continues with scenes of adventure, treachery, brutality, and passion for these feisty characters who love and live with such fierce intensity that actually seeps into the reader while reading.  Traci Slatton’s series is a notable work of science fiction and/or paranormal fiction that will intrigue and thrill readers who love this genre.  

Find the review here.


Nights & Weekends on COLD LIGHT; Seacoastonlineblogs on FAR SHORE
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Nights & Weekends on COLD LIGHT; Seacoastonlineblogs on FAR SHORE

Two new reviews: author and reviewer Margaret Marr of Nights and Weekends wrote a bang-up delightful review of COLD LIGHT,  saying:

Cold Light brings us adventure, suspense, and romance all wrapped within an apocalyptic tale of survival against the strongest forces that mankind has to bear. At the center is a tortured heroine who struggles to make the right choices, making it easy for the reader to relate to her and feel deeply for her. She’s damaged but strong, and it’s easy to root for her no matter what options she chooses, whether it relates to her heart or her survival. 
Traci L. Slatton is an amazing writer, and she proves it once again with Cold Light—a read that’s impossible to put down. It will draw you into a cold world that’s warmed by unforgettable characters and mankind’s desire to survive against all odds. 

Rebecca Skane of SeacoastOnline Blogs posted this thoughtful, careful look at FAR SHORE, writing, 

Although endearing, the diversity is meant to illuminate  and enforce the commonalities that all people share:  love, hate, friendship, and the desire to survive.  When the mists destroy most of the population, the rest of the survivors left on the planet have to set aside petty differences that may have once separated them in order to survive as a singular species….

I was positive that I knew how this book was going to end.  I was completely wrong.  I love it when that happens!  It also seems that this third book is not the end, although the series labels itself as a trilogy.  It appears that a fourth book may be coming and the series will have to rebrand itself as a quartet, while Far Shore is more of a bridge to the next and final book.  Or is it?

Find Rebecca Skane on Goodreads here.
Find Margaret Marr on Goodreads here.

To answer all the lovely bloggers, book reviewers, and readers: The After Series is no longer a trilogy, it is a series. I got to the end of FAR SHORE and there was story left over to tell…. So stay tuned for the 4th book in the series!
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Cold Light Review

Avid reader and blogger Rebeca Skane reviewed COLD LIGHT on Seacoast Online. She’s a smart, careful reader and had great things to say. Here’s my favorite quote:

Slatton displays exceptional storytelling abilities in Cold Light by weaving fragments together at the end in a way that was delightfully unforeseen.  And her poetic prose spirit the reader away into complete submersion.  She also leaves a few mysteries behind to make you ache for the third book.” Seacoast Online Blogs

See the whole Cold Light review here.

For a few days, the review will be on the front page of Seacoast Online.