Immortal Goes Flying!

My wonderful, long-time friend Geoffrey Knauth, who is a pilot among all his many accomplishments (like being fluent in several languages, including Russian and French), sent me this image of his lovely wife Dr. Robin Knauth. She took my novel along for a ride in their airplane.
Now, Geoffrey is no slouch, having been the cox for the Harvard crew team. But Robin is a super-genius, and a professor, and a distinguished biblical scholar. It gave me a nervous thrill to imagine her perusing my tome. Especially given that she has the education and wherewithal to know… where I misconstrued radical Manichaean dualism… The liberties I took with the Gnostic gospels…. What I stole from different mythologies in the name of telling a story.
Robin is as kind as she is brilliant. I am assured that she will read with an eye toward giving me the benefit of the doubt. This is really a question of my own neurosis, which I try to keep in check.–What is ego that thou art mindful of it?–I am grateful for every reader, from the super-geniuses like Robin to the people like me who want to curl up with an absorbing tale!

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