It’s been hard to find, so here it is: The Love of My (Other) Life on Amazon.

I’m an indie press published author who publishes through both LightningSource and Createspace–and Amazon doesn’t play nice with LSI. Though rumor has it that LSI will be printing some of Amazon’s books, which will only be a good thing. LSI prints good books. But sometimes authors like me, the little fish in the big publishing pond, run afoul of Amazon’s muscle flexing. The new novel suffered that way, and was suddenly unfindable. So here’s the link to it.

And here’s a fun review from Day 1 of the Book Blog Tour. Chicklitplus had some fun things to say about THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE, including that it was “too cute for words.” Also that “This book is a riot and I really enjoyed it.” Read the review here.

I was so interested when I first read the synopsis for the book and slightly thought it would read like a sci-fi novel. Well, if you are worried like I was, there is no need because this book is too cute for words. I instantly felt the spark when Tessa and Brian met and although it sounds odd, I believed him when he was he was from another universe from the get-go. This book is a riot and I really enjoyed it. I loved the conversations and the heart-felt-moments between the two main characters and I thought Traci did an amazing job at creating such likeable characters. Overall, this book is a winner and a fun ride!


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