Censorship, Eros & Assplay

I wrote an article about my iTunes censorship experience and the HuffPo ran it.

Censorship, Eros & Assplay

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iTunesconnect ticketed my new novel The Love of My (Other) Life, denying it access to the unlimited pleasures of worldwide distribution through iTunes. The reason: the cover art was deemed “inappropriate.”

Truthfully, it is a saucy cover: a woman’s slim, sinuous back, dropping into the juicy plumpness of her ass.However, as I pointed out in an email to the iBookstore, there isn’t even real nudity, just the fleshy part of a derriere.

This cover is not explicit. It’s artful, taken from a black-and-white photo. The faceless woman’s back spirals around a bit, as if she’s turning with an unseen, but beguiling, smile. You can see more any day on the side of a city bus, or watching Jersey Shore. It’s what’s suggested that is suggestive, eg, inappropriate. This is a lush, sweet ass, begging to be fondled. By the eyes, and by whatever else.

This is the invitation of eros. I think it’s still a forbidden frontier, even in our over-exposed, boringly unsubtle, 50 Shades of Grey culture. It’s all too confusing, this softness and sweetness, the playful surrender of a woman to her lover. Not because he’s spanking her and tweaking her nipple and she’s a hapless virgin at the mercy of some kinky damaged billionaire. But because sex is neither politically correct nor is it hapless.

For many women, falling off the cliff into bliss requires boneless surrender.

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Check it out here.

Censorship, Eros & Assplay


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