Ultimately, the reason I write is, Because I have to. Because I can not imagine my life without my writing, and I have a world-class imagination. Because as soon as I experience something, anything, everything, I think, “How can I use this in a novel?”

In even the worst moments, the most painful and horrifying times, a part of my brain is recording the experience for future use in a novel. But I also mine the best moments. My husband the artist, who is on to me, has figured out that that is why a certain look parses my face after he’s done exploring my crevices with his magical hands, and we’re lying all sweaty and entwined. How do I describe bliss in words? A juicy and intriguing task.

Writing stories is my soul essence. That and Star Trek.

So endless lonely hours at my desk, toiling away like an invisible slave, in an ugly business. Sometimes I wonder, Does it matter? Who cares, except me?

Then I get an email from a reader. One came in the other night from a reader of my first novel IMMORTAL. “Beauty in writing” was the subject line.

“I have just finished reading your book Immortal not 5 minutes ago. I can’t explain to you in words how powerful and beautiful it all was. This is a masterpiece, I related to this book on so many levels, the way Luca asked and tried to answer philosophical questions relating to himself and God, it made me do the same.” 

Reading this note makes it all worthwhile.

I am so grateful when a reader takes a few moments out of their busy life to reach out this way.

And some good reviews of FAR SHORE have been coming in.

Psibabe, aka Ashley Perkins, of Game Vortex blog wrote,

“Far Shore is the third book in author Traci. L. Slatton’s After series and just like the previous two books, it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride of action, betrayal, lust, violence, horror and redemption…

Far Shore is, just like its predecessors in the After series, a great read. As I approached the end of the book, I found myself a little panicky at the thought of the end of the series. For whatever reason, I was thinking After was a trilogy and was quite relieved to see Far Shore was set up for another book. I love the characters and the post-apocalyptic universe that Traci Slatton has created in the After series and I enjoy seeing where their lives go in this strange and dangerous new world. Keep ’em coming Traci!”        

Here’s the link.

Lunar Haven Reviews gave FAR SHORE 5 crescents, and said

“Far Shore was my most anticipated book release of the year and may I say that it was well worth the wait! I absolutely love this book (and the After series in general)….I really love how Traci writes her characters. They are just so well developed and her writing impeccable. Arthur and Emma have come so far together and I can’t wait to see what happens and how they will save the world. “

The Paranormal Romance Guild gave it 5 stars and called it “a very engrossing tale.”

The ineluctable Tome Tender gave the book 5 stars and wrote a thoughtful review, saying,

“Do NOT expect to be comfortable with all of the decisions made or the actions taken, this world is still bleak, filled with deceit and treachery, but there is still hope, there is still love. In the end, it may have been one uncomfortable decision that ultimately may save the world and someone had to be strong enough to make it.”

And remember that FAR SHORE made it to the USA Today list of HEA Paranormals

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