Good news first: Three of my books made it to “BEST OF 2013” lists on Book Review Blogs:

Also, the ineluctable and insightful reviewer Viviane Crystal reviewed FAR SHORE on Crystal Book Reviews:

The unique quality of this final novel is how love plays out in very, very unexpected ways that are notably profound not only for the characters but for those who are forming new Safe Zone communities….Far Shore… is a well-crafted finale to a notable sci-fi story.  Traci Slatton doesn’t reduce the story to a simple good guy-bad guy scenario and leaves the reader again with questions about evolving relationships, powers of the mind and spirit, and what it takes to live with each person’s virtues and vices and all the foibles in between.  

Click here for the review.

Now the flip side: Something is going on with the way this blog page feeds into my website. Whether it is a Rapidblog coding issue, server side PHP problem, or google feed snafu, I have not been able to ascertain. Very frustrating. I’m usually excellent with tech stuff, but this has me stymied. I hope the issues resolve, and if anyone reading this has a suggestion, I’m open to hearing it!

Meantime, if you are trying to get to my blog from my website, try the google blog itself,

And happy new year.

Live Read and Breathe

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