Two of my men were featured in the Huffington Post within a day of each other.

Yesterday, my dear, longtime, brilliant, accurate, and very feisty friend Paul Brodeur struck back at American Hustle. He was roundly defamed in the movie, and he didn’t stand for it. He spoke with a HuffPo reporter and set the record straight.

Catch the article here, at

Paul Brodeur: I Never Said That Microwaves Take Nutrients Out Of Food, Despite ‘American Hustle’.

Paul is a wonderful fishing buddy, btw.
Today my husband master artist Sabin Howard was featured in an article on drawing by artist Daniel Maidman.
Maidman waxes eloquent about my husband’s remarkable draughtsmanship, and the figure drawings Sabin has been producing of late:

The form of beauty Howard pursues is the Greek beauty, awful, unmerciful, scouring. There is no more hiding from the crushing demands of virtue or from the stark final nature of things in his conception of the figure. Howard is, after a manner of speaking, a servant of Apollo, and not just any servant. He is trying to become Tiresias; he scarcely requires eyes to see what he sees.

Find the post here, at

Art and Artists III: Forms of Beauty.

Sabin Howard
This is one of Sabin’s latest, and isn’t it rather lovely?

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