No, I’m not going to voice in any lengthy way my outrage and concern about the NSA’s spying on ordinary private citizens. It is thuggery, it is wrong, and it reminds me of how the NSDAP read every letter into, out of, and through Germany during WWII.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the NSDAP were the Nazis.

What concerns me right now is the huge split I see in the United States.

I have friends–highly intelligent, educated people of great moral conscience–who fall on both sides of the fence: far right and far left. Ne’er the twain shall meet.

What worries me is that so few people see how this very split is playing out to deprive us of fundamental, Constitutionally guaranteed rights as citizens of the United States, because healthy dialogue and inquiry are being shut down by the assumption of complete moral rectitude by those on the left. Friends and relatives who are Obama-ites have actually said to me, “You’re a bad person if you don’t like Obama.”

Obama health care is a nightmare. It’s wildly expensive, it’s driving up health insurance costs, it’s making conscienceless health insurance corporations even richer, and it badly hampers doctors who are doing their jobs. It will kill people. Doctors at first class medical institutions have told me that they now have to deal with Obamacare overseers who have no medical training whatsoever and yet have veto power over the decisions for which doctors undertook 10 years of medical education to make.

I’ve also read several reports that claim that health insurance companies get to keep more money under Obamacare.

But this is perfectly in keeping with Obama’s large, ponderous federal government with too much power concentrated within it. He has gone after the states to weaken them, and he has pandered to the large corporations. He pandered to the large corporations with the bail-outs on Wall Street, too.

Any thoughtful person MUST WONDER: how much does Obama owe to large, multi-national corporations that function as independent nation states without oversight or accountability?

But we don’t hear much about this, because the liberal media has conspired to give Obama a free pass for his entire administration.

Listen to this interview of reporter Sharyl Attkison, who left a 20 year job at CBS because her bosses at the network would not let her do her job: report on Obama’s administration. Anything that might potentially embarrass him, such as Benghazi and Obama-care, was not aired. See the video here.

I have also read articles saying how the Obama administration limits the access that reporters have to him, because he is so concerned about his image.

Why don’t we hear more about this cowardice on Obama’s part? A Republican president who behaved this way would be skewered mercilessly.

Don’t people see how close we are getting to a profound dystopia with this craven failure of the fourth estate to do its job?

If you read the European media, as I do, you will see many more articles critical of Obama, because they are actually reporting on the Obama administrations’ antics, such as the outrageous sums that are expended on vacations and foreign visits, and the often silly behavior of the president and his wife abroad.

I am also not fond of the Democratic Pothead Agenda. Despite what George Soros’ millions of dollars devoted to legalizing marijuana would have you believe, a stoned citizen isn’t a citizen, he or she is a subject. Very easy to control and not thinking deeply about serious issues, sure–maybe that’s one reason a totalitarian state wouldn’t mind having a stoner population?

Has no one read history, and does no one remember that the British promoted opium in China as a way to control the Chinese populace and to further British imperialist aims? Control people by getting them hooked on drugs: an ancient tactic.

But perhaps western media is concerned about suffering Ben Carson’s fate: being harassed by the IRS for criticizing Obama.

The Republicans are no better, and they’re probably worse. I attended a few events at a Republican organization around the time of the last election, because I was so disgusted with the Democratic party. While there were some very fine people there, I couldn’t shake the impression that it was Rich People Hanging on to Their Money.

And really, Romney? Ugh.

Let us not forget that the Republican party has a terrible record concerning the rights of women, gays, and minorities. If they don’t modernize their fundamental notions about human and civic rights, how can they expect to attract people who may be fiscally conservative but who are definitely socially progressive?

Rep. Steve Israel recently claimed that the Republican base contains racist elements. He’s right. The problem for me is that he pulled out that claim in an effort to completely shut down the right’s concerns about Obama’s agenda.

To call someone racist in our culture is to completely invalidate them and to disenfranchise them from expressing their opinion. It’s a neat tool for the left: anyone who dislikes Obama’s far left agenda is “racist.” All dialogue is shut down. There is no more back and forth.

We did that a few decades ago with the word “communist.” Remember McCarthy? Same tactic, different label.

So what is a person to do if he or she believes in the rights of individuals, not the rights of groups; in a small federal government with an appropriate division of power among legislative, judicial, and executive branches; in the Constitution; in the privacy of citizens; in small American businesses; in the rights of women to determine their reproductive lives; in the rights of any two people of whatever gender, race, or religion to marry, as long as they have attained their majority; in giving opportunities, not handouts; and in a true meritocracy?

Is there a place left for real inquiry in these United States?

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