Sabin Howard articles

My husband Sabin Howard has been getting a lot of press lately because of the World War I Memorial. Here are some recent Sabin Howard articles, podcasts & videos.

The Wall Street Journal ran a terrific article about him entitled “Conveying Horror and Heroism for World War I Memorial.” If you click here and hit the WSJ paywall, then google “horror and heroism Sabin Howard” and you can get into the full story from the google result. Weird process, but it works.

Sabin Howard articles

The article discusses Sabin’s process in his studio, where he photographs models in WW1 uniforms with his iPhone.


You can download the PDf of the article here.

Sabin also got some coverage from News12 The Bronx. A young reporter came to his studio and filmed for two hours. Here’s the brief “Best of the Bronx” Clip and the Extended Interview:

Finally, here’s a podcast that’s pretty good, from the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists.

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