Yoga Teacher Training
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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training A few months ago, a long time friend came for dinner. She’s an American living elsewhere. She’s brilliant and amazing and full of knowledge, an expert in her field. But she has forgotten how to listen. She talked over my husband and me and couldn’t hear any of our ideas or opinions. Now, this lovely lady is a wonderful person in a thousand ways. She’s a repository of information about the fascinating field of the esoteric, because Read more…

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Glowing Reviews of THE YEAR OF LOVING

Glowing reviews of The Year of Loving Two great review sites recently put up excellent reviews of my latest novel THE YEAR OF LOVING. The first site is Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews. What a cool title for a book enthusiast’s site, and what a terrific model for her children! She’s publicly proud to be a Booknerd. Kudos to Mrs. Mommy. Mrs. Mommy Booknerd wrote, This book is a realistic romance that will have you guessing and touches on many Read more…

Chris Strickland's story
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Chris Strickland’s Story: My Article in Parent Survival Magazine

Chris Strickland’s Story Chris Strickland is a lesbian mom in Mississippi who was a target parent for parental alienation. Her story was complicated by the fact that she wasn’t listed on the adoption papers for her older son nor on the birth certificate for her younger son. She and her partner married in Massachusetts, and their marriage wasn’t legal in Mississippi. Chris got caught in the lag between marriage in one state and her marriage’s recognition in her home state, Read more…

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Paranormal Romance Guild: Scamming Authors Who Pay in Good Faith

Paranormal Romance Guild Scamming Authors Note to authors who’ve paid for membership in the Paranormal Romance Guild: check to see if your reviews of the last few years are live on the site. If not, email the PRG. Be aware that the board members of the PRG will launch a vicious personal attack against you if you point out that you paid for a service which they abruptly dropped without notification. Ask yourself if you really want to do business Read more…

Two New Reviews of The Year of Loving
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Two New Reviews of THE YEAR OF LOVING

Two New Reviews of THE YEAR OF LOVING The last several news cycles seem to have been dominated by politics. It’s been hard to get some traction with my new novel THE YEAR OF LOVING. But early this morning a gracious email arrived from a blogger whose reviews I really enjoy. Her name is Jen Thorpe and she writes for No Market Collective. She said she wanted to capture the emotional quality of the story without giving away too many Read more…