New Yorker Factual Error
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Factual Error in The New Yorker: Is this how fake news starts?

Factual error in the New Yorker: I write this post not just for myself, but for all women whose ideas were misattributed to a man, and who were told to leave it be and not to rock the boat. My husband Sabin Howard is making a national memorial, the National World War I Memorial. He began with drawings. He drafted several iterations of a relief that would tell the story of the Great War. One morning over breakfast, he was Read more…

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My friend’s grandson passed

Today was the memorial service for a dear friend’s infant grandson. There were photographs placed around the room in the funeral home. It was a room for congregating, with neat rows of chairs for the visitors and tissue boxes placed at strategic intervals. Mourning is excruciating anyway, but yoked to a child’s death, it is insupportable. There are no words. This friend of mine has been in my life for nearly 20 years. He was my advocate and counsel, and Read more…

Sabin Howard and Traci Slatton
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Tender Loving Care for a Marriage

Tender Loving Care for a Marriage Sabin and I came to a dark and stormy place in our marriage. That diction belies the fresh and cutting pain of such a place and time. When we both returned to the marriage, we sought help in putting things back together. There are books, websites, and videos that have helped us, and that continue to do so. I write this blog for people like us who are working to strengthen their marriage. It’s Read more…

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Returning to Source and Writing Again

Write again, they are telling me. You must write, Traci.  It’s the new theme: writing again. The past twelve months have been excruciating. I am struggling. It’s been a year of comings and goings from my life; intermittency like a suddenly thrown grenade blew up my peace of mind. It has been a year of travel, loss, loneliness, bad advice, uncertainty, sadness, emptiness, tough choices, betrayal, humiliation. It has also been a year of joy: the birth of my beautiful Read more…

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Snooty Rich Women Are Everywhere, Including New Zealand

Snooty rich women are everywhere, including New Zealand Places change but people don’t. A recent trip to Wellington showed me the commonality of human traits, especially foibles. In a land where people pride themselves on being non-materialistic and friendly, I got to experience the same self-aggrandizing arrogance that I see in New York city. Here in the Big Apple, my daughter attends an excellent school. Many of the students are the privileged scions of Masters of the Universe. Now, most Read more…

On Love
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On Love

On Love Of late, I think about love. The nature and meaning of love, the kinds of love. References to love abound in our culture. Mostly those references concern romantic love. If you play American music, you will hear all manner of songs about romance, its thrills and heartaches. Other shades of love, like agape love, are mostly ignored. Certainly, the dizzying rush of falling for someone is a kind of love. Taking a lover to bed and opening…opening…opening to Read more…