BROKEN and a Guest Post

I am so fortunate to have become acquainted with some of the most generous-spirited book review bloggers going. Sandy at THE READING CAFE is one of those smart, kind, thoughtful people. She accepted BROKEN for review and asked me to write a guest post, and then she sent the review and post to Twitter Heaven, doing a wonderful job of spreading the word.

Her efforts on my book’s behalf are most appreciated!

And I liked her review, which was clear and incisive. She wrote, in part:

Traci L Slatton is an amazing writer whose storylines are infinitely detailed with both fact and fiction; fantasy and reality. Her style of writing is intense; the historical research impressive; and the overall premise is a flight into the fantastic and uncoventional.

My guest post is about “Writing Historical Romances, Accuracy and History.” I mention,

Winnowing down the horrific German occupation of the City of Lights this way provided an opportunity for me to deeply relate my characters to very specific events. Alia, an angel who fell from heaven, experiences the oppression of the time personally and with great intensity. She and her beloved friends suffer through food shortages, lack, loss, and sacrifices in minute detail.

Many blessings and much gratitude to Sandy and THE READING CAFE for the support for BROKEN!

BROKEN and a Guest Post
BROKEN and a Guest Post

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