Foreword Reviews Spring Issue: Broken is “beautiful”
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Foreword Reviews Spring Issue: Broken is “beautiful”

Foreword Reviews is the “library journal” of independent publishing. It’s a content-rich, beautifully put together magazine that’s published quarterly. The top of their Spring 2015 issue is emblazoned, “THE INDIE BOOKS WE LOVE” and this periodical means just that: they love indie titles. Foreword Reviews understands the value of independently published books and appreciates the quality of those independently published books with excellent production values.

It was with great delight that I received word, some months back, that my novel BROKEN would be reviewed and featured in Foreword Reviews. Not only that, but the editorial director politely wondered whether or not it was possible to get a jpg of the cover image, the painting upon which the cover is based.

In fact, Broken’s gorgeous cover is based on a painting by the extraordinarily gifted Roberto Ferri, an Italian figurative painter, and a hero of mine. Roberto’s work is utterly ravishing.

After a Skype session in Italian with my husband Sabin Howard (for whom Italian is his first language), Roberto graciously gave permission for me to use the painting for the book cover. He sent me a large file.

It was the one and only Gwyn Snyder who took that file and turned it into the book cover. And what a beautiful job Gwyn did! She’s so very talented.

So I happily asked Sabin to check with Roberto regarding Foreword Reviews featuring his painting, and he, again, generously gave permission.

The review of Broken is absolutely lovely. There’s a pix below. Allyce Amidon writes,

Slatton has created a beautiful, heart wrenching tale of humanity during the Second World War. …Slatton writes poignantly, with lyrical prose: “I have been shattered, the shattering is still with me. I am only shards now. There is no core.” This is a gorgeous philosophical treaty on right and wrong, the “why” behind impossible decisions, and what remains when everything is gone. Slatton guides the reader gently through to the end, all the more heartbreaking for its inevitability, imparting powerful, resonant themes as she goes.

Take a look online, and do consider a subscription!


Foreword REviews

Foreword Reviews

BROKEN: Available in September
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BROKEN: Available in September

This novel is dark, gritty, and smutty. It’s also about the power of love and the fact that spirit informs everything.

An early reviewer, one of my favorite readers, got back to me yesterday, writing, “Beautiful and heart-wrenching. I cried like I did at the end of Immortal. I will write my review this week. Thanks for sharing Alia’s story with me early.” I’ll post the review when it goes live.


Thanks again to brilliant Italian painter ROBERTO FERRI for giving me permission to use his gorgeous painting LIBERACE DAL MALE for the cover. Thanks to talented designer Gwyn Snider for turning the image into a breath-taking cover.

Special for Akshaya Tritiya: Cover reveal for my novel BROKEN
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Special for Akshaya Tritiya: Cover reveal for my novel BROKEN

Cover reveal: Today is the auspicious day, Akshaya Tritiya. In honor of the Sun and Moon being exalted, and to celebrate the good energy, I am revealing the cover of my World War II novel BROKEN, which takes place in Paris from 1939 to June, 1942.

I must acknowledge Roberto Ferri, the extraordinary Italian painter who gave permission to use his ravishingly beautiful painting.


Most Awesome Gift, and much appreciated

Most Awesome Gift, and much appreciated

Awesome Gift.

Our wonderful friend Don, who is a deeply lovely human being, and funny and smart and successful, though much too hard on himself, came for dinner the other night. He brought a delightful friend. He also brought gifts.

The gifts were unexpected and unnecessary, but Oh, so delicious.

Upon me, he bestowed one of the most thoughtful gifts ever: mugs emblazoned with the covers of some of my books!!! How utterly enchanting.

And happy me.


FAR SHORE makes it to USA TODAY list of HEA Paranormal Books!
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FAR SHORE makes it to USA TODAY list of HEA Paranormal Books!

Most excellent news: FAR SHORE made it to a USA Today list of Paranormal Books.

Scroll down to author Louann Carroll‘s recommendations and there is FAR SHORE!

Click here for the article.

Here’s where you can buy a copy for yourself:

Paperback on Amazon: Don’t believe Amazon if they say it takes an extra day to process. That’s not true.
BN – Barnes & Noble eBook & Paperback
iTunes eBook



Finishing FAR SHORE
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Finishing FAR SHORE

Finishing FAR SHORE.

It gives me great, juicy, splendiferous pleasure to say that today I finished a novel: Book 3 of the After Series, FAR SHORE.

Tomorrow I will get back to work on one of my WW2 novels. I’ve been dying to work on it, it feels sweetly compelling to me.

But tonight, tonight I am celebrating: I have finished FAR SHORE. I like this novel. I took some risks; I am very interested to see how those risks play with my readers. I am curious to hear what my editor thinks. I am eager to get this book on its way and into the hands or ereaders of the reading public.

I am happy!

I wish I had a sneak peek of the cover to post, but I don’t, yet. Almost!

The WW2 novel is quite different from the After Series. I am quite happy to get to focus on it.

But tonight I am happy to have finished FAR SHORE.

There’s so much sorrow in life; so many unexpected challenges. Loss and grief lurk around every corner. It’s just the way of the human condition. That’s why I try to celebrate at every opportunity. So tonight, in my way, I celebrated.

I cooked chicken and okra and tossed a salad for dinner. In the evening, I walked the dogs down by the Hudson River and reveled in the blessing of the moment. My yellow lab Gabriel sensed my joy; he kept looking at me with his luminous eyes and wagging his tail. He’s my boy, that one. I came back and did a slow flow yoga class via my virtual studio, because it feels so good to open and soften and loosen my body. The body celebrates itself, when you open it that way, with deep breath that caresses every cell.

A celebration, a pleasure. YAY!