Recent BROKEN Spotlights; Recent Pix
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Recent BROKEN Spotlights; Recent Pix

Kindly Jackie Burris, who brims over with a love of animals, recently hosted me on her fabulous blog, HOUSEWIFE BLUES AND CHIHUAHUA STORIES. I’m grateful for the exposure and she posted my guest article about “Writing, Yoga, and Dogs.”

Busy, multi-talented Drey of DREY’S LIBRARY hosted a guest post and shared her thoughts of BROKEN in a review, concluding with this very sweet comment, “Pick up Broken for a look at the artsy scene in Paris in the early days of WWII and the story of a conflicted young woman whose truth is so much more than she thought it could ever be.”

Meantime, I had some author photos done recently. See below.

Recent BROKEN Spotlights
Recent BROKEN SpotlightsRecent BROKEN SpotlightsRecent BROKEN Spotlights

Interview on Karen’s Book Blog
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Interview on Karen’s Book Blog

Lovely Karen Banes, an editor and author herself, hosted me on her blog. She sent a list of thoughtful interview questions that I really appreciated.

Here are two of them:

KB: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

TS: The belief in an external, hierarchical, patriarchal God is one of the greatest sources of evil in human civilization. It is my firm belief that God as love is internal, inclusive, merciful, and non-gendered.

KB: How much of the book is realistic?

TS: As I said before, I researched this era in Paris thoroughly. Many of the details are accurate, such as the way Parisians were always hungry during the occupation. Several documents said that Parisians ate only about 800 calories per day at this time. Also, over a million French men had been taken into compulsory work service in Germany, so the Resistance drew on women, high school students, and the elderly. At one point, Alia the protagonist, who is a fallen angel, is walking down the street wearing a jaunty red hat. There are references to those red hats as a kind of subtle rebellion; French fashion continued during occupation.

Read the interview here and check out Karen’s informative books here.

Karen's Book Blog

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I am so fortunate to have become acquainted with some of the most generous-spirited book review bloggers going. Sandy at THE READING CAFE is one of those smart, kind, thoughtful people. She accepted BROKEN for review and asked me to write a guest post, and then she sent the review and post to Twitter Heaven, doing a wonderful job of spreading the word.

Her efforts on my book’s behalf are most appreciated!

And I liked her review, which was clear and incisive. She wrote, in part:

Traci L Slatton is an amazing writer whose storylines are infinitely detailed with both fact and fiction; fantasy and reality. Her style of writing is intense; the historical research impressive; and the overall premise is a flight into the fantastic and uncoventional.

My guest post is about “Writing Historical Romances, Accuracy and History.” I mention,

Winnowing down the horrific German occupation of the City of Lights this way provided an opportunity for me to deeply relate my characters to very specific events. Alia, an angel who fell from heaven, experiences the oppression of the time personally and with great intensity. She and her beloved friends suffer through food shortages, lack, loss, and sacrifices in minute detail.

Many blessings and much gratitude to Sandy and THE READING CAFE for the support for BROKEN!

BROKEN and a Guest Post
BROKEN and a Guest Post
New Reviews and Giveaway of FALLEN

New Reviews and Giveaway of FALLEN

Reviews of Fallen.

So, over this lovely Thanksgiving weekend, with so much to be grateful for, come two wonderful new reviews.

Leslie Wright, paranormal author and passionate reader extraordinaire, wrote a warm and thoughtful review of THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE.

Here’s a quick quote: This is a fun and romantic take on the power of soulmates. As Slatton creates her characters, she imbues them with warmth and recklessness. There is a boldness and vulnerability attached to Brian that draw you to his character.

The review is found here on her book review blog Tic Toc, and also here on Blogcritics. org for double the love. You can find Leslie on FB here and on twitter: @LeslieTicToc 

The inimitable Kelly Woodward, who has a master’s in literature and was once a ballroom dance teacher, is hosting a giveaway of FALLEN and an interview of me to go along with her insightful review. Her blog is called You can read me anything.

I loved when she wrote: I started reading Fallen in the car on the way home (relax…my husband was driving, not me!), and I asked my husband to let the car idle in the driveway for a minute…I needed to finish the scene and find out what happened!The rest of the book holds up to the promise of the first pages. Slatton’s writing is smooth and efficient; she crafts scenes so easily that you can’t help but see them in your mind’s eye….

Check out Kelly’s review here and ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF FALLEN here.

You can find Kelly on FB here and on twitter: @kellyswoodward


The Reading Cafe Review & Author Interview

The Reading Cafe Review & Author Interview

Sandy at The Reading Cafe posted a terrific review of Far Shoreand a thoughtful author interview.

In her review, she wrote:

Traci L Slatton has written another wonderful and amazing storyline that looks at the aftermath of an experiment gone horribly wrong. It is a story about love and loss; betrayal and pain; and a second chances to make everything right. And it is also about two people, who have found love amongst the chaos and destruction, only to lose each other at the hands of a man tortured by his own loss. Sometimes there is only one choice and that choice is to survive, no matter what someone else has in mind.
And here’s one of her intriguing questions:
TRC: When writing a storyline, do the characters direct the writing or do you direct the characters?
Traci: Good question! The answer is actually nuanced. I create characters whose qualities demand that they act in certain ways, but I as the author am always governing the fictional universe. That is, a character who is coherent will behave in ways that grow naturally and organically from his or her self. However, a brave person will sometimes be fearful; a crazy person will have moments of lucidity. There may be a greater reason why I as author set the character up to act out of character, as it were. But I have to strategize that situation very skillfully.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such an excellent interview, and of course, I just LOVE the wonderful review!

Find the post here.

The Reading Cafe
Recent Posts on Other Blogs
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Recent Posts on Other Blogs

Posts on Other Blogs

A blogpost I wrote for Escape Reality, Read Fiction blog was syndicated over to SUVUDU, which is a huge and very lively sci-fi site. Great news–more potential readers reached! The posting was “Why I Write Science Fiction.” Take a peek here on its original site or here on Suvudu.

Pebble in the Still Waters blog interviewed me, and I loved the list of canny, insightful questions, which caused me some delicious introspection.

Here are two of the questions:

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
Good question. Character development; plot points; diction; and suspense: keeping the stakes high.
Your dream destination on Earth?
Depends on the day. Sometimes it’s the Italian sea coast. Sometimes it’s Cape Cod. Sometimes Paris or Rome. 

Here is that interview.

Sprightly Book-Loving blog hosted my essay on “Getting to Know My Characters.” Here is that little article.

My Fiction Nook, which urges us to “escape to the pages of a book” (my favorite escape!) shined an author spotlight on me, and asked my about my characters. Here is that spotlight.

So many blogs, so much to enjoy!